Website Design Portfolio

As an extension of my interest in writing and communications, I occasionally design and manage websites. I’ve worked with the WordPress, Weebly and ModX platforms.

Here are a few projects I have worked on:

Hapnot Collegiate & Many Faces Education Centre

Many Faces Education Centre


During the 2012/2013 school year, the Flin Flon School Division decided to focus on updating the websites for all the local schools, and I came on board to develop, design and manage the website for Hapnot Collegiate Institute and its sister school, Many Faces Education.

The school administration and staff have been incredibly supportive and helpful and parents, teachers and students seem to be quite happy with the look, feel and navigation of the new school website. That said, a website is always a work in progress, and as I learn more about web design and development, I aim to continuously improve the site. was launched in November, 2012, and I continue to work as the website manager for the school on a freelance basis.

About the website: Integrating new technology in the classroom is a priority for Hapnot, and the school staff and administrators are making huge strides in making learning more engaging and inclusive through tools such as SmartBoards, youtube, GoogleApps and iPads. With that focus in mind, I decided to go with a flexible content-management system that would help me create a website that was modern, engaging, and easy to update frequently. I also wanted to make sure that the website could expand to include student blogging (down the road) and other interactive elements. After a lot of research, I decided to develop the Hapnot website using the WordPress self-hosting platform. I used the Canvas theme from Woothemes to add more functionality and design elements to the page and jumped in head-first into WordPress website design and development.

The NorVA Centre







Since October 2012, I’ve been the freelance website manager for, the online home of the Northern Visual Art Centre (NorVA), an artists collective, gallery and all-around amazing arts space in Flin Flon.  showcases local artists’ work, provides information to visitors and locals, and promotes upcoming events and workshops.

About the Website: A student and an artist/board member worked together to design the initial site in the summer, using the Weebly platform. They did a great job getting the basics of the website in place, and then hired me to expand on the initial design, and work on a freelance basis as a website manager. In this role I add content and news to the website, connect with social media, and train artists to work with their own online gallery space on the website.

During the summers, their student intern manages the site (most recently, Megan Dupas, who did an outstanding job).


Kleen All

Kleen All Flin Flon







Kleen All/Kick it Sports is a local business with storefronts in Flin Flon and The Pas. The company does a lot of their advertising and customer outreach on Facebook, and they didn’t have the staff capacity to manage a website on a regular basis, so I built a simple site that would drive visitors to the Facebook page, and that wouldn’t require much attention while also ensuring that the company had visibility online, and could be easily found via a Google search.


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