Writing Portfolio

Thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio. Please select the links below to see documents. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

The Flin Flon Reminder

I am currently a staff writer at The Flin Flon Reminder, the local newspaper in Flin Flon, Manitoba, and sister publication to Cottage North.

Cottage North

Cottage North is a regional magazine that is distributed quarterly (formerly bimonthly) throughout northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The mission of the magazine is to uncover life in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan and our stories run the gamut from local history and tales of adventure to profiles of interesting community members. As editor of the magazine, I get to read and revise fascinating articles by local people in our region, and write quite a bit of my own work as well.


After a summer internship with Master Point Press, a publishing company based in Toronto, I continued to work for the company remotely from our new home in Flin Flon. MPP publishes books about the game of bridge – an interesting niche. It was a great introduction to the publishing world. As a freelance writer and web content editor for MPP, I contributed to the Bridgeblogging website on a regular basis.

Libby and Daniel’s Travel Blog: Two Years in Ecuador

I lived in Quito, Ecuador with Daniel, my partner, from August 2009- July 2011. We both taught at an international high school that was there: it was a fantastic and eye-opening experience. While I wasn’t the most loyal blogger while living in Quito, I did post a few articles highlighting key experiences.

Travelling Green – Ecotourism in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country rich in natural beauty, much of which is hidden from the average visitor. This piece was one of several which I wrote for Viva Travel Guides and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism. I also wrote a series of pieces for the same publication. With this article, I aimed to increase publicity for smaller operators in Ecuador while helping readers discover the diversity of options available to the “green traveller”.

K’Naan: Humanitarian Hip Hop

This was my first published article. I leapt at the chance to interview K’Naan, a Somalian-Canadian hip-hop artist, when he performed at the Halifax Pop Explosion in 2005. At that time I was a student at Dalhousie University, and the article was published in the Arts section of the Dalhousie Gazette.

K’Naan’s fame has grown considerably since then, especially after his song, “Wavin’ Flag” became the official anthem of Coca Cola’s World Cup 2010 campaign. I’ve seen K’Naan in concert twice now and his thought-provoking lyrics, addictive rhythms and genuine stage presence make him, in my opinion, a great artist.


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